Embracing the allure of darkness,

She is his newfound obsession...

Normalcy. One simple word that became my elusive dream. I surrendered all my desires to grasp that singular slice of reality, all for the sake of granting my brother the life he deserves. The life stolen from him, from both of us.


Anguish, Passion, Redemption.

Tragically Dark Romance with a Why Choose Twist.

About the author

My favorite food is Bread and Tacos.

With a writing journey spanning over a decade, Sarah Kennedy is a dedicated wordsmith who has transformed her dreams and even her nightmares into captivating prose. Her firm belief in the enchantment woven throughout existence often transports her into daydreams, no matter how unconventional the setting.

Sarah’s literary passion lies in the realm of Dark Romance, where resolute heroines triumph over harrowing histories to carve a path in a merciless world. Beyond the written word, Sarah embraces the joyful chaos of tending to her four children, her perpetually youthful husband, and a spirited menagerie of pets. Despite these delightful distractions, her determination shines through, as evidenced by her successful authorship and publication accomplishments.

Currently calling the picturesque state of Pennsylvania home, Sarah resides amidst a tapestry of lore, legends, and vast cornfields, which continue to provide her with inspiration and a sense of peace.

Diving into the captivating world crafted by this emerging author was an unexpected delight that left me utterly entranced. Sarah's narrative possesses an uncanny ability to weave together haunting sensuality and an all-encompassing allure that I found impossible to resist.

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To Be Determined

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